Bath Time, Womb Time

It’s no secret that baths are a healthy way to unwind after a busy day. I personally love taking baths, and my love affair began when I was a child. The water was always a magical place for me. I was mesmerized by the way it moved with my body – and still am. These childhood wonders are so very important to treasure and keep with us as our lives become more complex and our responsibilities become greater. 

So – back to bathing. Anyone can do it, and in my opinion everyone should do it. There’s something about soaking your limbs in warm water that gives you a sense of peace. Why does it feel so soothing? The bath is like a womb, a safe container just big enough to cocoon your body in warm water. Our bodies are also largely made up of water and we need it to survive. Water keeps us alive.

When I lay in the bath it simultaneously calms my senses while birthing new ideas for me to play with. Time slows down for a few minutes and I can hear my breath as I exhale whatever I was holding onto and no longer needed. The water reminds me of where I came from. My body is at ease and I gently notice the beauty in it’s interwoven simplicity and complexity. I remember myself as a small child, a baby even. The bath was a good place – a place where I was fresh and clean. I was safe here. I am safe here – my Mother’s womb, cloaking me in comfort. The elements are appreciated. Time is understood. Creativity is nourished. Wisdom is unleashed. Love is welcomed into my heart.




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