We all want it. We all need it. We are all in it and part of it. Give yourself permission to take space. Create space around you that sparks joy and wonder. Allow space within by calming the mind. Listening intently to your body’s wisdom, without judgement. Be aware of Yourself within the space. What does it feel like? Is it somewhere that allows for peace?

A couple weeks ago I went to the mall with my boyfriend to exchange one of my Christmas gifts. I immediately felt bombarded by the space around me. There was stuff coming at me from all angles – lights, purses, shoes, advertisements, big sale signs, loud upbeat music, and lots of people. This space was built for crazy-making. And it was definitely making me feel crazy. My decisions felt pressured and frenzied. Things seemed falsely important. Items were displayed as if to have the power to change your life. It was all lies. Shopping was taking away my freedom. I felt powerless against it.

More on this another time…


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