Wolf Women


Why do men have such a problem with women’s anger? We are expected to always remain “sweet”, “kind”, or “smiley”. This is bullshit. Women are innately wild – in our Hearts and in our Souls. We have to be so we can love as fiercely as we do. To be able to nurture our young as we do. We NEED that fire. We were born to be lit (no – not that kind of lit). We were born for our flames to be ever-burning and ever bright. Colourful and changing – sometimes the glimmer of hot coals, sometimes that burning passionate fiery flame that lights up the sky. But that fire has been made “wrong” or “bad” or “crazy” by the Patriarchy. Our fires have been put out for too long. Well, we haven’t lost our kindling.

What does it mean to slay the patriarchy? It means you’re doing it. It being life. You’re waking up, you’re getting out of bed. Sometimes that is enough. You’re here in the world doing your thing, bringing your presence, showering your sparkle (even when it seems like you have none left). Even if you haven’t fucking showered you’re HERE. And you’re fucking slaying the patriarchy. You’re here doing your “it” in a world that hasn’t supported you to be yourself. Hasn’t supported you doing your thing. Hasn’t supported your existence. Holy SHIT woman – YOU are a goddamn BOSS.

It astounds me how many AMAZING WOMEN I know and have met that are straight up bosses. The things they are doing, creating, visioning and are capable of bringing to the world is actually mind-blowing. I see women managing these incredible tasks and doing so with the fierceness of a lioness and the grace of a swan all at once. I could name so so many of you. And women are doing so with all the SHIT they have endured and survived. WE are still here, healing ourselves while simultaneously healing the world. THAT is something to be FIERCELY PROUD of.

HAPPY WOLF MOON – Blood Moon Eclipse this evening **howls**


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