heart-1192662_1280What is Love? A timeless question asked and answer by so many. Love – is it a feeling, an action, or a knowing? Without love we feel lost, empty even. Every one of us needs it – from our parents, our partners, our children, our friends, peers, and animal pets. Love grows and unfolds with time. To me it feels like when you look at someone and you feel such deep admiration for that person – in the essence of who they are. You look at them with grace and growing curiosity to know more of them. Love isn’t always fair or easy, but it is there for you to return to – the love inside yourself. Our hearts want to love and be loved.

We sometimes question if we are loved. I had a sensation today that love is in the little things. Love is being kind. Love is doing for someone else just so that they feel more at ease. Love is when you develop rituals together. It is in the sneaky side eyes and the quirky laughs. Love is when your partner moves your carrots on your plate for you so they don’t touch the other food. Love is trying to cheer someone up and affirming their successes. Love is being there for the learning. Love is good communication. It’s a well-timed joke to bring you back to the love amidst an argument. It’s a memory. It’s in us and for us.

There are so many different kinds of love in the world, expressed in a myriad or ways to one another. When we drop our defences and walls and moats around the castle that is our heart we let in a little more love – one crumbling brick at a time. Your vulnerability is exactly what this world needs. You are not a house of stone. You are a living, breathing human being capable of experiencing every necessary emotion – sadness, fear, anger, excitement, joy. If there is any work truly worth doing in this world it is the work of diving deep into yourself to discover what is there for you. What all is there, you may not yet even be aware of. So please keep excavating. Something is waiting to be revealed. Bravery is showing the world what is there for you. In accepting the most painful parts of yourself your Power shines brighter. You become a beacon of light for those lost in the dark. Wisdom is earned. Lived. 

When we seek to love ourselves deeper our capacity to love others widens. Self Love is one of the most, if not the absolute most important kind of love we will experience (aside from the love of our parents in our formative years) – so make it a priority. You have been gifted this chance to fall in love with yourself.

Love is our connective tissue. It is the fibre of our being. It is the dance of our Souls together. Love is what connects the world. Love is the air between the trees, rustling their leaves. Love is the glue keeping us here, alive, grounded.


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