Prioritizaton (ugh!)

My priority today is to eat tacos. It’s also to do a yoga class. Doesn’t it suck when you had every best intention to do something and the end of the day rolls up to your door to find that you haven’t done that thing you really wanted to do? I am realizing more and more that when something is important to us it requires planning. Doesn’t have to mean detailing it for hours on end, but it does require you to get clear on what is important to you in a day – and in your life. Yes – we all have jobs and things that we “have” to do in a day, but we also get more say in our time here than we give credit to. Creating space for that which gives you space and joy is one of the best feelings – it makes us feel powerful. Creating space to create. Because we are taking charge of our own destiny and not idly hoping that things will just “happen” eventually.

Yoga is really important to my sanity and well-being. Yet I don’t find myself going as much as I’d like to. Ideally I want to go to a class 2 times a week and then also do a home practice in the mornings. It sounds easy enough in theory, but there are a multitude of other things that I let (yes- I let them) get in the way. This is where my prioritization needs to step it up. No one is going to make sure I go to yoga, I am the only one in charge of this. So it will require some planning. Figuring out when the best class times are for me, what type of classes are best for me, and what do I need to move aside to make it to those classes. I need to actually plan my day around my yoga class – if that is my top priority for the day. Not just try to fit it in when its convenient. If you leave it to convenience, chances are it won’t happen. We find so many reasons why it’s not convenient for us (we are tired, there are so many other things that need to be done etc etc.) CHOOSE where you spend your energy. Know where your energy reserves are at for the day. Do what FEEDS your energy rather than drains it. BE REALISTIC WITH YOURSELF.

Priorities can also often lead to unrealistic expectations of ourselves. This is also due to lack of planning. If we pile on too many “to-do’s” in a day, we will burn ourselves out trying to get it done and probably not get that thing done that was most important to us. PLAN AROUND your top priorities, put them FIRST. Let the other things be “extras”, and don’t give yourself the run-around with gigantic lists. Do things that make sense to do together and allow yourself to feel balanced. Sometimes our energy is low, and it is absolutely ok to get nothing “done” that day and instead focus on the things that are replenishing and will bring you back into balance. The more you say “no” to what makes you feel low vibe, the more chances you will have to say “yes” to the things you love – and actually be able to enjoy what you’ve said yes to doing!

Sending you all Love and Joy in your day today!!