Throw Worry to the Wind

I have spent a lot of time in life worrying. Worrying about what others think of me, worrying about what the future is going to be like, worrying that I won’t be happy in the future, that I won’t be good enough, that I will feel stuck or lose Myself to the madness of the Patriarchy. The truth is most of the things that I worry about are unknown at this point and it is actually a waste of energy to worry about them. Most of the things I worry about aren’t even a reality or won’t even happen! But letting go or worry is scary – because then you will be freed up from all this time spent worrying. Then you actually have to live your life! And life is full of change, and change is scary so it’s easier to just worry about change than to face it.

The thing is (and this is very important to remember about change), is that you don’t have to have it all figured out. Even when we think we have it figured out we seldom do. Things go one way, or another or take a different turn. Not necessarily a bad turn or a good turn, just a different one than we could’ve anticipated. Life is always changing and evolving – that is a constant. And so are you. Wether you like it or not. It’s when we don’t embrace change and we try to control it that we get to feeling stuck in the muck. And the muck is never a fun place to be. The muck is where you try so hard to keep things the same – and it traps you. Yes change is scary,  but it is absolutely necessary for growth. I choose growth. The future is not certain nor entirely predictable…but how fun would Life be if it were??

So if you don’t have to have it all figured out then what do you do even do? Just go running blindfolded into a brick wall? Well…sometimes yes. And it hurts for a bit. But you’ll get over it (the pain, not the wall). The first thing you need to do is figure out how you want to feel. And then figure out how to get that feeling. When your goals are feeling-based they are always more meaningful. So, you have your goal in mind with all the pretty feelings associated with it and now what? Well, it is actually very simple. You just take one step (figuratively speaking). Just the next small step that will move you an inch closer to achieving your goal. Be patient and let the answers reveal themselves with time. Trust in the process and be interested in the process, because most of the time that’s half the fun. Sometimes when you have worked so hard to achieve your goal and you finally reach it, like 3 or 4 other goals are like “Hey! You weren’t even trying for us but you may as well knock us out too while you’re here!” And just like that, you be crushin’ goals all at once when you didn’t even expect it.

The Truth is that you are ok. You are inherently good. And anyone who thinks otherwise can get the F right outta your way. Because you simply have no time for them. You have no time for the non-believers. You are too busy being a badass. You only have time for those that bring MAGIC to your world. For those precious humans that believe you and support you. The ones that are so bright they light up your life – those are the people you have time for. Because that’s who YOU are.

So tell worry to take a hike or a back seat, whichever you prefer. Because you are most definitely not your worries. They are a waste of that beautiful space in your mind. Don’t abandon all caution, that is not what I am saying. Use your common sense and tune into your wisdom and intuition to give you guidance. But don’t listen to those thoughts rumbling and tumbling around in your head all day. Let them duke it out with each other because eventually they will tire when they realize you aren’t paying them much attention anyways. You have better things to do. 

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