Healing Lightly – Lean In

rsz_1a1-9Sometimes we become accustomed to the idea that the healing process is supposed to be continuously painful. It can be this way particularly in the beginning of your healing journey, because everything seems foreign and you feel out of place within yourself. I think the hardest part of healing is learning to trust your body’s wisdom. Watching and becoming attuned to the messages your body gives you is a developed skill, and the more you practice it the easier it will be. This doesn’t mean that healing from trauma/unhealed relationships/childhood wounds is not difficult and scary af. But it can be easier on us when we get in touch with our body. That IS part of healing in itself, isn’t it?

There is all this outside chatter going on around us telling us we need to do more and be more. It is taking us away from our bodies and asking us to mimic machines. You are not a machine – you have depths and feelings and circumstance. You have thought and awareness of that thought – you have consciousness. What we are and where we are right now is ok. The more we can learn and accept what our limits are, once we become aware of them, the less painful our healing becomes. The tough part is being courageous enough to honour these “limits” – which are not really limits at all they are simply guidelines to a more balanced and embodied life. When we listen in to the clues our bodies give us, we are no longer hitting up against a brick wall trying desperately to move it. Trying to bargain with ourselves by borrowing tomorrow’s energy to get through today. We accept the hand we have been dealt and do our best with the resources that we have available to us. And we begin to change our situation step by step.

Healing is not always linear, this we know for sure. But…it doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle swinging your sword blindly in the night, while your other hand tightly grips the shield behind your back. There is healing in every single time we say “yes” to our bodies, that we acknowledge our needs. There is healing in the quiet moments, the little leisures we enjoy, those tender embraces and connecting smiles. There is healing when we sit in the green grasses watching the leaves move with the wind and feeling the sun’s love warming us from above. Feeling the power of our connection to the solid Mother Earth supporting us from below. Observing how the Ocean is never quite still, yet she is consistent. That is what keeps us going, keeps us swinging. Until we can put down our swords because we realize that we are no longer being swung at. That we are actually safe, here and now. And what could be more freeing than that?

I urge you, my empathic friends and “angel aliens” out there…to stop doing what sucks you dry. Start doing what fills you up instead – replenishes your life force and hydrates every part of your beautiful being. Because that, I promise you, will make every step of the way a little bit easier.  I believe in you – and you are enough. We are not discounted items of torn clothing labelled “as is – 15% off”. We are creatures requiring a little more care, a little more tender love, a little more empathy and compassion. And we retain our full value and then some. So lean in to those precious tender moments, soak in all that love and abundance. Allow yourself to feel supported because you are. In more ways than you probably know.img-spiritual-healing


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