Adaptability & Resiliency

It’s crazy how adaptable we are as humans. I’ve been considering this a lot lately, particularly so because of all the changes in my life recently. I moved from a densely populated central-urban area to a more sub-urban part of the city. Moving in itself can be anxiety-provoking and stressful. My partner and I have been in the process of selling his condo and buying our first house for the past 10 months. Now we have finally moved into our lovely new home and I feel so happy here. But it was a big change nonetheless, and much effort went into making this dream a reality for us.

Amongst all this change (and at times it felt very chaotic), I managed to adapt through it all. I have zero doubt that part of what got me through it is my commitment to Self-Love and Self-Care, the support of my mom, fiancĂ©, therapists, family and friends. Utilizing the tools I have learned and resourcing Myself continuously is what got me through. There was so much going on and it seemed like it was all happening at once, including many ups, downs and uncertainties with the salon I work at. I am slowly adapting to my new home environment, surroundings and my more peaceful life here in our pleasant sanctuary. We also decided to go on a vacation right after our move to celebrate recent milestone birthdays for both of us (Me 30 and my FiancĂ© 40). While this sounds amazing and full of adventure, for someone who needs a fair bit of time to process and integrate change, travelling so soon after a move was challenging. I am a nervous flyer (I hate turbulence) and even the thought of going on this trip was giving me pretty major anxiety before we left. It took me a few days after arriving in Mexico to settle into “vacation mode” – whatever that means. It wasn’t until day 6 into our vacation that I started to fully feel relaxed…and our vacation was coming to a close the next day!

In a very roundabout way what I’m trying to say is that through all of this, and considering my anxiety and OCD – I find Myself to be quite adaptable through it all. I am so much more resilient than I realize sometimes. Life has a way of testing us and it’s not until the aftermath that I can see Myself more clearly. I can see my strength, my courage and the progress I’ve made. I can appreciate how much I’ve grown. I can drink in the significance of these changes in my life – the way they test me, the way that I am always given exactly what I am ready for. It’s not comfortable along the way – expansion and growth is a stretch. There’s a new edge to be found. A new way of managing situations, a new perspective to be had. New feelings to be felt, new things surfacing to be released and making themselves visible for healing. It’s all in our evolution during this beautiful, crazy, indescribable, wondrous, incredible gift of Life.

Much Love,

Raina Aurora