The Universe is Polarized

We are all full of polarity and contradiction. We desire comfort and structure, yet crave spontaneity and adventure. We want rhythm, flow and routine – but we feel bored when we start to follow the same patterns. Existing within us is the groundedness of the mountains and the fluidity of the ocean. We are ever-moving and flowing, while at the same time remaining solid and structured. Our bodies are tangible and weighted and yet the energy that exists within us and around us is airy and not quite graspable in the physical form. We are both energetic and material beings. These two things co-exist and operate together, influencing each other simultaneously. When we become physically stronger, our energy picks up. When our energetic field becomes clearer, we attract a higher vibration to us. We are less easily taken off course and become stronger in our path and purpose. We are our own anchors.

We are both of these things (energy in motion and a physical being). That is why human beings are so complex and intriguing. We want new, yet we fear letting go of the old. We dream of things lasting forever and we dread things staying the same. Yet nothing truly lasts forever and things rarely stay the same. For things to stay the same we must exert alot of energy into resisting change – which actually creates resentment. That resentment follows us until we release what we were spending so much energy trying to hold onto. That release is when we are leaning into the change and the natural flow of the world.

Often, the actual letting go is easier than the anticipation or thought of having to let go. When we let go of something that was no longer serving us, we create more space for the things and energy that does serve us. Two things happen when we let go: we feel pain and we feel relief. It is healthy to titrate between these two places. We cannot feel all pain all the time, yet we cannot simply avoid the pain and stuff it down. We have to allow space for both to show up. The polarities of pain and relief help us to restore to a more natural, balanced and open space. Our hearts open, we see bigger. We look around and our perspective has broadened. We appreciate more. We trust in ourselves and our ability to do hard things.

We start to trust in our own innate Power – now we can feel it is real and it lives within us. It is the very core of us. We love the feeling of being powerful. So much so that we will spend our lives looking for that Power everywhere out in the world, except the one place it truly exists – INSIDE OURSELVES. This is the one place that our Power always has been and still resides – burning, smouldering, waiting. This Power is ours for the having and it is entirely sustainable.

It is sustainable without all of the “things” we think we need to feel powerful. Our unique gifts, these precious jewels inside us – that’s our Power. The Universe is very clever and She is always testing us to see if we are ready for our Power. Giving us little riddles to solve and mysteries inside ourselves to decode. We are constantly being presented with opportunities to show up for ourselves in big and small ways. These opportunities are always gifts in the form of lessons. The decoding of our own mystery isn’t actually the hardest part. The hardest part is the willingness to do it. Once we start accepting and leaning into our Power and Soul – the answers are actually all very accessible to us. It starts by choosing to be open, willing, curious and hungry.


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