Moving on…

I used to numb myself with someone new

With alchohol, or food

Whatever came within my reach

All I needed was something to latch onto


Something to take me away from the pain

Of missing you

Now all I have is myself

my thoughts my body

my nerves and anxiety

this buzzing this unsettling


the reality of you being gone

felt like too much to bear

thought I would not survive it

without someone else there


to make me feel whole



still alive and still someone important

in this mess


now I no longer know how you spend your days

your nights

I don’t know how you slept

when you woke

what goals and dreams you are working on

what new dreams are coming to life


all I have is me

and my fur baby

and that’s enough

because the pain will pass

is already settling


I have myself now

and time

to realize my goals, my dreams

to be present for my reality

to be here for my life


my life doesn’t need you to survive

it needs me to thrive

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