Lessons in Love, Loss and Peace

sometimes things need to break so you can learn to bend

sometimes you need to bend instead of break

sometimes happiness is the opposite of everything you thought you needed

sometimes your full aliveness is just on the other side of the pain

sometimes the pain makes you feel alive


sometimes strength is the thing inside you that keeps you messy

sometimes the messiness is the beauty

sometimes the hardest thing to do is the thing you most need to do


when loving yourself feels impossible

stay strong


in the messy

in your own beating heart

working for you, beating for you


don’t let anyone take that heart from you

feel the pure joy of your own existence

in this full beautiful world

trust your capacity to experience the world

and to be okay in the end

to be raw in the middle

to continue to come back to peace, to breath


fill your lungs full with the love of life

the love of song and dance

the love of feeling free

dancing with the sea


letting your salt water tears flow

deep down into the ocean

let her carry you

move you


to higher places

higher peaks

don’t waste your younger years

your older years

on anyone who cannot hold you with the tenderness and love

you hold for yourself


beyond anything or anyone

hold yourself with so much love

welcome and embrace the darkness within

love it even when it is hard

shine some light on those tender parts

and let that light heal every part of your soul


know that you are imperfect

and also perfect

because you made it here

all this way, in this beautiful life

look at what you’ve created

for yourself

this is just the dawn of your best years.


chase down your fears

wrangle with them

look them straight in the eye

and say

I’ve got this

I can do it

it won’t be perfect, but I can and I will


as you OVERCOME with the rise of every morning sun.


Stop chasing happiness

and chase yourself instead

the happiness will show up

like MAGIC.

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