Shadowy Pieces

All of this “stuff” is coming up. Coming to a heated momentum. What courageous next step is being asked of me? What next move is ready for my making? What dark shadows are being brought to light? Abandonment pieces, anger pieces, shadowy solemn pieces. Sadness, pain, real deep pain. Layers uncovered, scars exposed, energy unstuck. What is too real to reveal? These wounds remain unclaimed and untamed.

Here the hungry wolf feeds. So she may breathe another breath, breed another Life. Transgress the darkness inside and leap over the pond of gloom and doom, into the vast depths of Herself. To find Herself, awaiting her own arrival. My own best friend of mine.

These wounds don’t make sense – not in the literal way. They are raw, unedited, scathed and unbathed. Nor are they here to be made sense of. They are here to be felt – witnessed and passed through. Like a city you are just visiting. A tourist into your own pain. Not to stay forever, but to stay long enough to get the feeling and sightsee the important landmarks. Write a postcard home so you may, one day, lovingly ponder a memory of that place – as if to look upon an old photograph. Not forgotten, not lost, just…a time that has passed. It was real, but it is no longer here today. A distant, somewhat neutral, memory of lands yonder and darker days.

These days and nights that crafted You – made you the resilient being YOU ARE. Transformed you into this wealth of wisdom and valuable knowledge. You and I, together we have turned our pain into practice – the practice of a better life. Turned wounds into water so that they flow through us and continue evolving into a sparkly circle of misty fluid confidence. Our own crystal glow. We are Home.

A Home no one can take down, ever. No one can touch this new Home or us here. We have come back to ourselves – our greatest challenge and greatest reward here on Earth. Once we find ourselves amidst the fire and the cold grey loss, we never lose sight of ourselves again. Now we know the real truth and it is impossible to un-know it. Our ignorance has blissfully escaped us. We may miss it at first. Until we realize that WE are the ones who will save the others. We have evolved further than some were ready for. We, sweet angel darlings, we are the lucky ones. We were born special with the ability to go through these things. To be tried and tested and re-tested again. To be SURE, that when the time comes, We will be ready. Ready for our Big Purpose.

Trust the unfolding.