Loneliness feels like the grey sky

It feels empty and cold

It feels vast and unforgiving

Loneliness feels like nothing and everything at the same time

It feels heavy and yet I feel like I could float away


A drifter in a sea of tepid waters

Float on little drifter, find your way

Out into the big blue – I know you’ll be okay


Love feels like ice and chains

Love feels impossible

Love feels like a safe haven

Until it’s not


Loneliness sinks in again

Surrounding and drowing

Gasping for air

Let me live again – I want to live where the Love lives.


Inside my own heart

There is Love

A force unreckonable and wise beyond all hell

A force so strong

She will never let me sink

She will always keep me afloat

Even if it feels like I’m on the brink


My own weary heart,

Weary of love but still a believer

Never lose sight

Never stop trusting

Loneliness feels like hope


Hope that I am still here

Existing , feeling this

Moving though this

One day at a time

Searching for moments of peace and knowing


Knowing my own heart

Scars, fractures and all

I love my heart

She is strong

She is capable

She is boundless

She searches for the purest and deepest Love

The Love She can give Herself.



4 Replies to “Loneliness”

  1. Such a beautiful capturing/rendering of this World at both ends! I appreciate the poem’s wave from despair to belief and like this line especially – so paradoxical but true – “Loneliness feels like hope.” I feel this ‘heart that you know’ – such a gift! – and the ‘boundlessness’ of it – like the ocean. No end to Your love or love ever… One of Your best.

  2. Also… an interesting choice of words, “There is love. A force unreckonable and wise beyond all hell” – Hel is the powerful Norse Goddess of the Underworld. She is associated with the Wolf and the Serpent. So Your Love, indeed, is a force that one cannot reckon with. Powerful writing.

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