The Fall

That let down was too big, too heavy to carry alone

The fall from what I thought was grace.

It was just an empty promise all along

A house of glass built upon quick sand – a sinking foundation

The lights shone bright but no one was home

I called out for help and no one answered

I broke in anyways and tried to make a home there

Make-believe and wish it into existence

Dragging you in with me, reluctantly

But all my wishes fell down the wishing well into its darkest depths, its murky waters

Nothing exists without consistency, stability, effort.

Silence is a lonely ghost

Love is just not enough, because it is too easy to love

We were built for it, we know how to do it

Yet rarely do we do it well…you knew only a broken version of love.

You were broken yourself – afraid and alone

People say they want kindness, that they are kind

But kindness out of convenience isn’t really kind…that’s just self serving

What about kind when you’re raw, weak and afraid?

Kind when your shit is stirred up.

Kind when you owe nothing and may receive nothing…

That kind of kind is rare.

The kind of kind we show animals and use far too sparingly with each other

In this world of upheaval and change

In this planet of hurt and crisis

In this society run on people’s trauma

We should show more Love. Period.

Inconvenient Love, out of your way Love, big boundless Love, accepting and unfiltered Love

All kinds of Love that require us to stretch outside of our comfort and convenience

Love that sees another’s Soul, another’s Heart…

Get out of our own way type of Love.

That’s what I’m here for.

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