We Bleed

Because we feel lonely

We feel unloved

We feel separate 

From ourselves and each other


Without our mothers

We are raised

To fight until we bleed

All the way down

Hearts left wide open


We bleed still

Wounds uncovered

Pain unleashed

Attack and defend

Until the end,


We bleed.

Unseen and scorned

Shamed into submission

This life is a lie

We keep on living


It was supposed to be

More beautiful than this

So much more

We dreamt it to be


Now this is it

This is all we have

Each other, raw

Vulnerability at its finest


Behold our paths laid out before us

Which will we choose

Will they be

Together or separate 

United or divided


Headed or sealed tightly shut

Stuffed and re-buffed

Until all the shiny finish is gone

There is no more hiding

Everything is in plain sight


Will we accept each other

Scars, marks, bruises and all

Adaptations, protections and shields

There is no absolute certainty

In this trepidatious time


Will we choose the light

While accepting all of the shadows

That illuminate this light

Freedom awaits

But only for those brave, those courageous


Those wise love warrior souls.

Until then, we bleed.


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