Wild & Free

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. She’s gone…that young, wild and free spirit. I don’t know where…the innocence and naivety feel lost. Tragic. I remember her beauty, her hope and her shine. Now wisdom and knowing better looks back at me in the mirror. There’s a comfort in that, but also a sadness. The fairytales I once believed in feel forgotten.

I know she’s still there, just out of touch maybe. I want to feel her again, but will it be the same? I want to embody all parts of her – the loved parts, the broken parts…and the parts I am still trying to uncover.

The loneliness feels aching sometimes. A heaviness too big to bare. Yet I move through it – always forward, always onward and hopefully upward. Always striving. I’m tired of doing, or having to do. Still I know and trust that I have endless and limitless energy within. Soul-connection energy. That beautiful zesty magic! The magic of Life…that’s what feels gone. Missing, lost, but not forgotten. Somewhere inside me lives that drive for adventure, that excitement for LIFE! It’s been buried for awhile, or put on hold perhaps for too long. I want my Soul back, my pride back, my LIFE back.

I want to travel and experience the world in all her beauty and humble glory. Nature is the realest and truest thing there is to connect with. Pure Love. How far we’ve travelled away from Love during the past 2 years. How can we begin the road back to it? Towards a more deeply understanding and unconditional kind of Love? We need that kind of Love in the World again. Peace and kindness our World again. I need it desperately. I’ve been missing it for too long. I want to embody that kind of Love – to really be it and feel it. So very badly my whole body and Soul craves to be held in this loving way.

I am Love. I haven’t forgotten Love.

Take off the shackles of fear, hate and division. Let us hear and see each other in a bigger and truer way than ever before. Because we’ve all been struggling through this dark time. That’s the truth.

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