Boredom doesn’t exist

This title may be confusing. Boredom is one of my least favourite words (and I have many) for the reason that it’s a cover for something else. What lies underneath the boredom? 

For me, I used to feel “bored”, but what I was really feeling was discomfort with Myself. Restlessness even. Distractions keep us away from ourselves and truly getting to know who we are. When we feel bored, it is because we do not feel at ease with the presence of our Self. Some part of you (probably unconsciously) wants to keep your layers undercover. The onion that is you doesn’t feel comfortable being unravelled. But the unraveling of your onion self that is raw and makes you weep is what we are truly here for. To know ourselves at a deeper level – to be on that quest of self discovery like the trail blazers we were destined to be. What makes you sad, what makes you uncomfortable – that is where the stuff is. The stuff is painful and it isn’t pretty to look at. Everyone, I repeat EVERYONE has stuff.  It is of utmost importance to dive deeply into your juiciness if you wish to experience the true expansiveness of Yourself and what your beautiful Life has to offer.

Im not saying that you have to sit all day with yourself, but do sit with yourself sometimes. Distraction-free. Yes, this means without your phone and without the TV on. Without general noise if possible (unless it is the blissful sounds of nature). Observe what is there. Get curious about it. What is underneath the thoughts? Are your thoughts running you? Are you constantly thinking about what’s coming next and stressing about the future? Boredom is also an expectation of ourselves that we “should” be doing something more than we are currently doing. When that expectation doesn’t get met, we feel angry, lethargic, antsy, unmotivated, or restless. In other words – bored.

I challenge you to get under the boredom, lift up that veil and say hello to whatever is there for you. Be with it. It will not stay forever – especially if you make time to be with it. Your stuff just wants a chance to be seen and felt, as those emotions may have been overlooked in the past. It wants your attention – and the further we run from our “stuff”, the harder it will try to get our attention! Those buggers can be so damn persistent! The more distractions we will have to use to escape ourselves – and distractions are more readily available to us than ever. We probably desperately do not want to look at our hurts and dark spaces, but if they are exposing themselves to us they are ready to be seen. 

Our bodies are extremely intelligent. Chances are, if your stuff is clawing for your awareness, it is likely you can handle it. Perhaps you are now in a place in your life with the right supports around you. Maybe that support is one person. Maybe it is a new person in your life. Or maybe the patterns you’ve been running to avoid dealing with your shit are no longer working for you. Instead of distracting you, your patterns and distractions are making things worse. You are left feeling raw, stressed, un-nourished and frantic. They are dragging you through the mud – taking you further away from your True Self. Robbing you of the present moment. The further we travel away from our True Selves and our Soul’s Calling the more painful it becomes. No matter where you are on your life’s path – if you are living in alignment with your wise Self you will FEEL SUCCESSFUL. 

Remember —YOU are strong. YOU are wise. YOU know the way when you are willing to do the courageous work and listen to your own wisdom.

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